A tribute to Extatic
Extatic is mainly the story of two teenagers (now twenty-something) who were really talented and had a great bound together, but blew it off :) : James Grzlack-Terranti and Guillaume Rigal.
James' high-pitched screaming voice and Guillaume's powerful, rock and funky guitar riffs - that's Extatic!


Guillaume used to play mainly with Mathieu Charter (guitar) and Yann Lambret (drums). They performed under the name 'The Four Wakers' and once as 'Capharnaum'.

James, Nicolas Leblanc (guitar), Jérôme Gay (drums) and Gilles Bricet were in the same high-school and were rehearsing together.

Extatic I

Guillaume and James finally meet! Together with Jérôme, Nicolas and Mathieu (now bass), they form the early Extatic, playing cover songs and songs formerly performed by the 'Four Wakers' which had been composed by Guillaume: 'Something to play', 'Jimi', 'Let me go' and 'My Friend'.

James and Guillaume start working on 'Dazed', inspired by the movie 'Dazed & Confused'.

Extatic II

Gilles replaces Mathieu on the bass. The great Extatic is born! A lot of cover songs but no new original song.
The best and sadest moment: the gig at Paris famous club 'Le Gibus' in winter 1996. This is one of the most memorable gig of the band but Jérôme had already announced his decision to leave after the show.

Extatic III

Replacing Jérôme is a hard task. The best match the band can find is Aurélien who hasn't Jérôme's talent. New songs are developed quickly though, including indeniably the best song of the band 'What is inside?', 'Dazed' and 'Baby Snatcher' all composed by James & Guillaume.

Extatic IV

Nicolas leaves the band and is replaced by Benoit Randon, a lefty like James.
The band faces difficulties, mainly because Aurélien isn't always present, forcing the other to rehearse 'unplugged' more than once. At least one good gig, outdoor at La Villette.
Nicolas comes back for a recording session on Extatic's only attempt to record a demo.
The band ceases to exist for no particular reason...


After a few years, James & Guillaume started playing together again. They formed a band with Mathias Jullien (who had played meanwhile with James) on bass and Clément Landru on drums. James is also on the guitar, for the first time.

Guillaume moved to London during the summer of 2004 while James is still in Paris.