Around the Dot by Guillaume
on 21.2.07

Reading on Maroubra BeachIt was all on the news this last couple of days and Peter, our “cicerone” in Sydney (we both shared a flat for 3 months at UCLA), invited us to join him and his girlfriend to the harbour tonight.

So we decided to see what the fuss was all about and we walked through the botanic garden to observe the Queen Mary 2 from far. We arrived just in time to hear it blow its horn 3 times to salute its “sister” (btw, it’s hard to call a boat a “she” and not an “it”). The Queen Elizabeth 2 cruising to Circular Quay responded with 3 blows as it crossed the pier of Garden Island.

We then followed the incredible flow of people going to CQ, crossing on our way the not less incredible flow of people going in the other direction.

I managed to take a few picture of the Queen Elizabeth 2 as it passed the Opera House and we arrived on the quay to see it moor at the pier. Even though it is a smaller ship than the QM2, it still looked impressive with the terminal and the Harbour Bridge as background.

From there we decided to take a higher vantage point and we found a great secret spot (the street above the train station bridge). This was perfect to catch the fireworks.

A final detour by the terminal to catch a glimpse from close and we headed down to Chinatown to end the evening in front of a noodle bowl.

See photo album...

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