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Wednesday, April 25

My First Surf Board
Around the Dot by Guillaume
on 25.4.07

Introducing my first surf board, just bought today at Let's Go Surfing!


ANZAC Day: Parade in Sydney
Around the Dot by Guillaume
on 25.4.07

We managed to see a bit of the ANZAC parade in Sydney today from our apartment in the clouds. Here are a few shots.

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Monday, April 9

Another Ferry Trip to Manly
Around the Dot by Guillaume
on 9.4.07

Raquel's parents are in town and this called for another scenic trip to Manly. With the beautiful weather and the sun setting down, I managed to take some gorgeous shots of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the city skyline. Here you go!

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Sunday, April 8

A Walk in Sydney
Around the Dot by Guillaume
on 8.4.07

Last Sunday, I left our place in Chinatown for a nice walk along the water from nearby Darling Harbour to the Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay.

On the way I made a few stops to take pictures and play some guitar - with the magnificient silouhette of the Harbour Bridge in the background. The weather was so great, and quite representative of the blue skyes we often have had up to now.

Just for you, I put my itinerary on a Google Map with links to the picture so you can take a virtual tour in the city... before you can actually walk the walk yourself! As you'll see, there is a bit of everything - from a seagull to the ocean liner! Peppered by a monorail, high-rise buildings and wharfs.

As a sage would say: Enjoy the promenade!

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