Around the Dot by Guillaume
on 23.6.07

We've just spent one week in New Caledonia. 3-hour from Sydney by plane, this is a great get-away from the recent stormy and cold (meaning: around 10°C) weather in New South Wales.

I'll post the story and more pictures shortly but I had to share that I have found a place which I can call the most beautiful I have seen on Earth: Ile des Pins, an island south of Noumea, 35 minutes by plane.

Our first stop on Kunie (the local tribe name for the island) was Kuto where we discovered the bays of Kuto and Kanumera, probably some of the most beautiful unspoiled almost-secluded beaches I know (the island is secluded anyway but there are a few hotels and local tribes live there). Definitely a good spot for snorkeling with tropical fishes.

But it is the "piscine naturelle" in Oro, a vast natural pool separated from the sea by a large reef and rock wall, which has really made a big impression on me. First there is this amazing scenery when you access by walking in a shallow river bed created by the sea. And then when you actually go in the water, the pool reveals its corals and its marine life that you can discover simply by snorkeling (it's no more than 5-meter deep I'd say). I swam to the rocks to see the ocean and it was amazing to see the waves coming in and cascading between the various levels of the rocks to the pool.

There, I started getting this feeling of being alone on Earth, being a Robinson, when I heard a noise behind me in the water. It was a sparrow hawk which had just caught a fish at the surface, a delicate and aerial performance.

We only got to spend one day there as a treat for our 3rd anniversary and it's definitely a place Raquel and I want to spend more time visiting...

See photo album...

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