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25 October 2005

Be the Boy
If you've read the article about Google's head of innovation in Business Week two weeks ago, you might have found that it sounded a bit strange... Well, you're not alone: PSFK’s Piers Fawkes sums it up nicely.

Who's with me to be the little boy (or brand)?

Back to my segmentation scheme now! (marketing class assignment)

24 October 2005

Free as a Bird?
I don’t want to evoke the (bad? awkward?) Beatles post-John-Lennon-mortem song but bird is no more synonymous of Freedom for the European commuter in these days of avian flu fear.

For the first time today, I had to walk in a one-person line with all the passengers of my train in the Eurostar arrival corridor while a dog was sniffing the queue. I presume they were looking for birds being imported. That’s my theory as this is the first time I see this kind of security at Waterloo and as a parrot had just been reported to die from the dreaded H5N1 strain of bird flu at a UK quarantine centre. Then it could be a drug or terrorism fighting reason but is there such a thing as coincidences?

To end on a more cheerful note, maybe we should blame Jimi Hendrix and not the Beatles, according to that BBC article.

22 October 2005

Flock Off
Sorry to make such a (c)rude pun title but the web2.0 community was all excited by what the team was cooking. I got to test the developer preview today and my only comment is that I have already uninstalled it.

Paul Kedrosky also makes a nice title of it and has a similar point of view: What the Flock?

Ladies and the Tube
Great example of customer orientation by the Transport For London: Tube Tips for Women.

I'm looking forward to seeing my first "Baby on board!" badge. :)

Baby on board!

18 October 2005

108% - London Pain
Man, I really love London in this kind of situation:
1/ it is raining (pooring!)
2/ lazy British decided to close 15 minute before official time (even Tesco!!!) 3/ I have to buy from McDonald’s
Hmm, and when I get back at the school hotel, I discover that
4/ The guy forgot the ketchup
5/ MTV’s Pimp Tuesday is running the exact same episode of Pimp My Ride than last week!!!!

Well, I’ve got to get back to work on my various projects (I don’t event try to count them).

Now I’m over with blogging my day – hope to blog more and more useful stuff soon.

The 12-hour MBA day, 100%
Well, I am not into the performance art so this discussion about the National Theater wasn’t really motivating – I refrained from asking what they could do to make this big concrete building on the south bank look better (not for theatre goers but for people taking a walk…it’s so ugly and unfinished).

Then I had a few minutes to call Raquel on Skype to wish her sweet dreams – I was actually walking with my laptop from the basement to the first floor and was amazed by how good the quality of the wireless link is - my Vaio is like a huge mobile phone with a very large screen :).

The final 8% of the day was one hour dedicated to our project “TV on the go in the UK” – that’s the subject we are taking for our MEE class. That’s really interesting and I’m looking forward to see what we’ll come up with.

Then, a quick chat in the quad and off to my room.

That’s my version of the MBA student schedule, a bit remote from the one the school advertises in its brochure (they have one week in the life of a one-year study group).

Now, I’m finally off to grab some food – I leave you right now because if I reach the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone High Street after 11, I’ll have only one option... McDonald’s.

The 12-hour MBA day, 83%
Finally the break. This case isn’t really interesting in itself but Chris Voss and PY Gerbeau who are teaching this course are providing great insight on the entertainment business.

I just had 3 minutes to skype Raquel – I don’t know why it’s so hard to hook up on skype’s network from the school.

Now is time for our guest speakers (from the National Theater). So, I’m going offline.

The 12-hour MBA day, 66%
After 3 hours of marketing (cluster segmentation) with Julian and 10 minutes on French Club financing (he is treasurer and I am president), I had to go for my appointment with Elaine Romanelli to pitch and explain my entrepreneurial idea, just checking that I wasn’t driving my group into a stupid project. I was grilled for one hour and it was pretty intense but I loved it, especially when she labelled my idea “crazy”.

I was then late to my group session to prepare tomorrow’s negotiation in the Negotiation and Bargaining class. Talks had just started anyway. I can’t reveal our strategy and tactics but I’m to be the CFO. Anyone with enough common sense to think that eBay overpaid Skype can say that this is crazy – me a CFO.

Anyway, now is time for the Managing Entertainment and Experience class with a case about Riverdance, the Irish tap dance craze.

I’ll tell you more later.

The 12-hour MBA day, 25%
I blogged in July about the fact that you may have more time for blogging when you are more active. Whether it's true or not might be proved today.

I have 12 hours of class + group work today and I'm intending to blog through the day. If you know me (in flesh or through my blog), you'll know I love this kind of absurdity.

25% through now - after 3 hours of New Venture Development class with a discussion around tradeoffs on the "Innocent Smoothies" case (called "Fresh Trading" for no reason apparently). I just had lunch in my room while surfing through blogs I like to read and searching for interesting facts about online communities - I managed to start a team in our NVD class to work on an idea I have on the subject...

Off to 3 hours on our marketing group assignment now.

PS- sorry for the mistakes if any - no time to go through word and I have not installed Blogger for Word yet.

15 October 2005

You know it’s been too long since you last blogged when your wife tells you that she’s disappointed there is nothing new to read about on your blog (she usually prefers I spend time with her than on That just happened last week but I’ve been too busy since the start of term to put pen to paper – or should I say mood to blogger.

So, I’m sizing the opportunity of free wireless access courtesy of the Radisson Leicester at which we are staying to write this small post, the first in two weeks.

It’s too bad that when you really have a lot to say, it’s that (usually) you are busy and don’t have time to blog…Anyway, about today only, I can say that the weather in London is great for Tattoo, the London Business School “global community” (or some like that) celebration.

This is going to be great (drinks & food from all over the world). The French Club is going to serve great food. Too bad we can’t serve wine this year (only allowed at special bar stands).

To come back to my title, I booked a room at a 4-star Radisson hotel through and when we got there, they explained that due to system failure blah blah blah, we had the choice of a single room (Are you kidding?), a twin room (Are you joking now?) or a double at a 5-star in Leicester Square (Now you’re talking). That’s further from school but closer to the centre for shopping tomorrow. Great, isn’t it?

I wish I could spend my life being overbooked properly….

Note: so, this one is dedicated to my (once again) lovely wife. :)