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29 November 2005

Essential resource for chic MBA, men only
Just looking to kill a few minutes (a luxury in this heavy charged end of term), I looked for tie resources on the web and found this great page which explains all about the basic knots you need to master. While I know some (very smart, impressive and all) MBAs who would need this site just to know one knot to tie their tie themselves (that’s a true story and I won’t give name so don’t ask), it is also a invaluable resource for chic MBAs and business men and dandies at large who would like to match the tie to their allure (short / long neck), their style (from interview business formal to going out casual), the fabric and colour of their tie and shirt neck.

So, without further ado gentlemen, please grab your nicest silk tie, put your laptop next to the closest mirror (if you have trouble visualising) and practise the Windsor, half Windsor, four-in-hand and Pratt knots. Don't hurt yourself. Don't get mad.

And well, I guess ladies can learn how to help gents, right?

Guillaume, reporting from Sussex Place.

19 November 2005

Week 7 Blues
The London Business School MBA Office has what it calls the De-stress Day on the Friday of the seventh week of the term to help the first year students through the Blues of Week 7. Of course second years can also join this candy and massage based relaxation programme, but I’m in Paris since Thursday evening.

I don’t think I need the relaxation but I really need sleep and procrastination (I prefer to say “farniente”). I have caught a cold and with the fatigue from the two last months, I really feel I need a break. So, for once, I’m taking it easy on the academic work. This rest will be much needed to tackle an interview with Amex, a marketing analysis paper, the first work meeting with our second year project client. And writing the business plan for the project I proposed for my New Venture Development class.

So, that’s another post about MBA life – I’ll be back with more marketing/technology stories soon!

08 November 2005

More pimping - Panda get born
That’s crazy: MTV UK is going to pimp…a Fiat Panda! What the f…! They are going to put £20,000 (my very rough estimate of full costs) on a car that was not worth that as it was just out of the factory. But then, that’s the concept of the show on both sides of the Atlantic.

Amusingly, when the host introduced the episode, he was making a point that manufacturers use to name their cars from “cool” fast / mean animals (jaguar, mustang, viper) and then came the conclusion:

they called it the Panda…because it’s nearly extinct

So funny.

To go back to the point I made earlier, another cultural difference: you won’t hear Iron Maiden in the US version. That’s also funny how the guys editing the soundtracks on MTV / VH1 shows have like ten CD (and that’s a maximum), of which is the excellent JET’s Get Born (MTV loves Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Take it or leave it and Cold Hard Bitch).

Cultural Differences
It’s been a while since I last blogged so I figured that while eating my yoghourt in front of MTV Pimp Tuesday – my favourite TV night while in London with 2 hours of Pimp my Ride to relax after my evening class, I could well post this small entry.

There is a huge difference between the original Pimp my Ride and the UK version (Pimp my Ride UK): in California people scream “O MY GOD” when they see their pimped ride; in the UK, it’s the more down-to-earth “OH FUCK”.

I haven’t seen enough UK episodes to generalise but I found it amusing. Please comment if you have more to share on the subject. I have just eaten a Tesco chicken wrap with a use-by date on 7. nov, so I hope I’ll still be alive to skim through your comments. ;)