I organised an expedition to Santa Ana (let’s call it that because it’s 50 miles from UCLA) with fellow exchange students to go to the Galaxy to listen to Adler’s Appetite, a band founded by Steven Adler, the original drummer of Guns N’ Roses.

We had to listen to four bands ranging from dreadful to not too bad and then came the guys. They started with “It’s so easy”, a classic GnR opening song, went on to play all the good songs from Appetite for Destruction, adding Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, a song that GnR used to include in their gigs before recording it as part as Use Your Illusions II. Also part of the set list was Civil War, the only song of the Use Your Illusions albums that Steven Adler is credited for and has actually recorded. As an encore, Adler’s Appetite delivered a great cover of AC/DC’s Sin City before closing by the awaited Paradise City.

Steven Adler!

My Aussie roommate Peter and I agreed that the band did great. It’s not easy ( ;) ) to render Axl’s or Slash’s parts…

The MBA in me couldn’t miss this great opportunity to observe the business model of a band playing in a bar. Apparently, the guitarist, who (shame, shame, shame) played a Yamaha guitar, needed cash (to buy a decent instrument): he repeatedly asked the crowd to get some drinks (he had several corona during the evening). Steven Adler must still make some money from being credited on the first Guns N’ Roses album because he just suggested once by pointing his beer that, yeah, we should have one. SO, in this business, you get a share of the drinks sold as part of your fees.

Steven Adler!

If you’re in Europe and are a fan of the great band that once was Guns N’ Roses, I think you might want to go see Steven Adler and his mates. Steven had a big smile on his face during the whole show. You can say that that’s the drugs from the GnR era talking but that would be mean. The guy was really happy to be on stage and enjoyed pleasing the crowd, the way it should always be but unfortunately, many bands realise that only once they “have been”.

Anyway, thanks to Steven Adler for welcoming us back in the Jungle. Awesome!