By sheer luck, I downloaded British (pop?) singer Jim Noir’s song “Eanie Meany” which was featured as iTunes’ free download of the week in the end of 2004. And I was surprised to hear it today during the commercials at USA – Czech Republic halftime (doing consulting work part time from home is great in World Cup times!).

“Eanie Meany” has this line about “if you don’t give my football back”. This has seduced the guys in charge of the new Adidas “+10” campaign who have nicely used it as the soundtrack for the Part II of José’s adventures. You can access the film here (enter the site, go to the "impossible team", click "watch the movie" and select "Part II - Partido").

I just wanted to highlight this because Jim Noir deserves some attention.
My drop in the vast ocean of the World Cup communication madness…

As an aside, it’s amazing how quickly wikipedia is updated. This news is already on it.