I had a wonderful week in Mexico on the Maya Riviera and after Saturday in Paris celebrating my birthday* in advance with my family, I am now back in London - for good.

I'm starting with American Express in like 10 hours. I'll let you know how Day 1 went. Should be all good - I've met part of my Amex team at the start of the month so I'm not too worried.

It's a strange time and hopefully the end of a transition phase: I like "adventure" but I am looking forward to be settled for the next months. For the moment, I'm in a (very nice) temporary studio and I have to focus on my return to a fulltime job.

And I want to split this blog into at least a diary and a marketing-oriented blog.

*: My actual birthday is Friday and I’ll be celebrating at the Volunteer. Readers in London are welcome. It starts at 8pm.