Quick note before I leave for Day 2 about the highlights of yesterday.

I met a lot of great people, including my "superiors", a fellow London Business School MBA2006 graduate and two girls who are pioneering the Marketing Rotation Program at Amex like me, including a Wharton MBA graduate who has the same rotation schedule.

Of course, a great part of the day was dedicated to administrative things, starting with getting my laptop, which is nowadays necessary to get started. I have now a brand new Thinkpad - that's cool. My only complain is that I have to use Lotus Notes ;)

Otherwise, much of my day and I guess much of this first week is reading documents to get up to speed with this business I don't know, especially as I have been assigned a new project (small businesses in southern Europe). I am looking forward to the meetings with various people through the service which have been scheduled for me.

I'll let you know.

Update: I forgot to say that we had a pleasant walk in Hyde Park after dinner Raquel and I - London is so lovely in the summertime. While we're in a temporary accomodation in Bayswater the park is on our doorstep, so we have to enjoy it... before we move South to Victoria next week.