I was interviewed by Clare Davidson from BBC News a few weeks ago about the reasons why so many among French youth come settle in London.

Well, Clare didn't end up quoting my most insightful remarks but that's life. While I don’t remember saying "The best brains in France end up working for the state", I say so many stupid things that I trust her, I must have said that. :) The meaning here is more like the best brains don’t end up starting a Google or the like but I don’t want to offend anyone.

As for the soon to be infamous catchphrase “The one thing I really miss is good cheese” (I have classmates writing to me about it), I clearly remember saying it. The funny thing is that I also said you could find good cheese (at the price of gold) in very good places like La Fromagerie around Marylebone high street. Dad, Mum, here are my 15 seconds of fame – don’t fed-ex me cheese however. At least I had the last word which is quite nice.

Anyway, go read the article – nothing new West of the Channel but an interesting update on the state of French exile in the UK.