One of the necessary perks of working with a multinational company – or any company in fact – is a nice laptop. Two hours after joining just one month ago, I was assigned the ultimate executive PC: a brand new IBM Thinkpad.

And funnily, while I found the Thinkpads ugly a few years back and would have put them at the bottom of my list (I am a VAIO guy), I proudly confess that I find my T43 is a stylish status-conferring beast. In fact, I feel like I have been made (Goodfellas or MTV Made style).

Interesting that the design-conscious sort-of-trendsetting guy that I am is feeling this way just a year after IBM sold their PC business to China Lenovo. While most marketers at that time and now (including Professor Mark Ritson whose acclaimed Brand Management class I took last Fall) are thinking that Lenovo is not going to be able to leverage this deal which also gave them the right to use the IBM brand for several years, I would argue that there is still hope. Thinkpad as a standalone brand has the potential to be successful if the core values of the brand are respected: powerful, non-nonsense, slim executive tool – and icon?

Honestly, I like it so much that I am even considering soon taking and posting pictures of me with the mean little thing that I spend my days with.

Note: Posted with my home VAIO (which I still love for different reasons – damn I’m such a geek)