Passport to Pimlico Whoa. I finally take the time to blog. Not that so much has happened in the past two weeks but enough though to keep me away from my laptop at home. Or should I say, NEW home as we have now moved to our place for the next 6 months south of Victoria Station and a 10-min walk from the office. That makes us resident of the Pimlico area which is a quite French area a bit like in “Passport to Pimlico”. I can remember an afternoon watching this 1949 English flick in my shared flat during the first year of my MBA. Time really does fly.

Speaking of flying, the latest terrorist threats this week are really going to be a pain in the butt for the next weeks if not months or years. That made me think I should start “” but someone’s already taken the name and created a bad-taste website there.

Anyway, I really was lucky to fly to the French Riviera last week-end and not this one. Yep, I used my first Amex pay check to join Raquel in Le Lavandou (that’s near St Tropez) where she was spending the week with friends. The “excuse” for inviting me was that the week had been really windy and I could enjoy one or two days of windsurf but the wind was gone by the time I arrived (of course). So, I tried waterskiing instead – quite successfully as I managed to ski after a few trials.

And so I entered my third week of work completely shattered – I could barely carry my luggage on the journey back to London SW1. Workwise, I am getting up to speed. My job is much more internal consulting than anything else in fact. This is like a big second year project (without the painful academic summary) or a huge case study made of only data tables exhibits :) At home, I have tried to grab as many hours of sleep as I could, especially this Saturday and I now feel I have recovered from the last weeks and week-ends. I think it is time I start exercising again like I was doing in LA (I miss LA). First because in 6 months I’ll be on Sydney’s beaches and being in shape is a prerequisite to show-off. :) And then because I’ve planned an extended week-end to French Atlantic coasts in about two weeks and I hope to windsurf there like last year.

It’s too bad I have been so lazy with the blog, I always feel I have so much to write about. Perhaps I should buy a mic for my iPod and just record my thoughts “live” to publish them as a podcast… For the time being, I’ll just do like I did in June last year after my first year in London, i.e. write the lists of things I wish I had blogged and perhaps will:

Little LA – after coming back to Paris, several things made me feel like in LA which, as I said, I miss. Things like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Guns n’ Roses concerts.

Rate that MBA – I know this is stupid but I really anticipated the time where I would fill the MBA questionnaires of Business Week and The Economist. I thought about it when I was reading the rankings in 2004. I filled both surveys in June/July and this made me feel happy, proud and a bit sad because this is one of the elements that “sealed” this 2-year period.

2006 MBA Entrepreneurs Vintage – I know of at least two of my fellow MBA2006 and good friends who have started their own ventures and I really want to comment on that. It’s funny that a lot of people have told me they thought I’d be one of this crazy guys to start a business – which I can’t do because I badly needed cash and wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to work for a multinational corporation at least once in my life. So, kudos and good luck to Hazel and her online stationary shop as well as Eaton and its Afghanistan mobile operator startup!

And I have to kick myself hard in the a$$ to find that goddamn new marketing blog a name and start it. Maybe I’ll do that this afternoon with the rain outside getting in the way of our plans to go feed Hyde Park’s ducks, swans and geese some old bread. :]