The marketing department (of which I am at Amex ICSS Europe) had its FUN DAY today, which means we headed to the countryside for a winery/vineyard visit and wine tasting this afternoon.

Back in town, I changed into my super crazy marketer outfit in a phone boot (yes, marketing has its super-hero, ready to save fresh MBAs from selling their souls to Finance powerhouses). In a Paul Smith suit / Rolling Stones t-shirt, I then set sail for the London Business School aboard Bus 82 for the networking event with the MBA2008 class (orientation week).

This was a good occasion to meet the new guys (and girls - they now make 28% of the class I have been told) and catch up with some fellow MBA2006s. As if schmoozing was not fun enough (despite my abstinence tonight after the earlier wine tasting), I met one my readers! For the first time, someone asked me out of the blank if I was the guy who had that blog. That feels at least like being quoted in the FT :) And that’s a) a nice encouragement to carry on writing, b) a proof that blogs are getting some importance in the MBA candidates’ “due diligence” process :)