Raquel and I headed to Twickenham this Tuesday for the 2nd Rolling Stones date in London. I got half-price tickets through Amex which is the official partner of their Bigger Bang tour and we had a great time, especially as we had good seats midway between the main stage and the central stage (the one the Stoned use to perform a few old songs midway through the show). That’s been the third time we go to a Stones concert in fact, last time was the Bridges to Babylon tour (which I saw in Paris in 98).

We arrived just in time for the show which started with Jumping Jack Flash (my favourite song!) – instead of the classic Start me up which is less my cup of tea but came as a really nice nugget later in the show with all this people screaming the lyrics.

Of course, they are really starting to age and Mick Jagger is the only one able to cover the 50-meter wide stage – which he does relentlessly. The other “original” members can’t because they’re too old and the supporting musicians surely can’t by contract. :) I must say though that Keith Richards and Ron Wood did a better impression than during their performance during the last Superbowl (which I saw on TV in LA). Perhaps falling on the head from a coconut tree has been beneficial to bad boy Keith Richards. On that note, the palm tree is set to become an icon of the Stones like the infamous mouth with the tongue: I saw quite a lot of people brandishing inflatable palm trees in the floor crowd.

Anyway, they played some of their best classics, leaving the main stage on a mobile platform to perform some old goodies like Honky Tonk Women and returning on the main stage for Sympathy for the Devil, which are also two awesome songs.

I bought a nice t-shirt with a union-jack Rolling Stones tongue and I showed off the next day with it at work (it works nicely with my black Paul Smith suit and a pair of black converse).

After this great Rock in London kick-off, I am now looking forward to seeing JET (the band) in November.