Nope, this post isn’t about me babbling on Mark Wahlberg and its Amex Centurion – I have no access to customer information or that kind of gossip at Amex anyway. By the way, I saw one of his last movies (Invicible) on the plane between Heathrow and Bangkok… and it was not too bad, even a tad inspirational.

Back to the topic today: I have come across a recent article by Marketing bad boy Mark Ritson about the Centurion card. I had the chance to attend Prof Ritson’s class on Brand Management during my second year at London Business School and it’s as good as his articles. He now has his own website with an archive of his witty column in UK magazine Marketing.

The article is a good read but I can't really comment on it (Amex policy).

Amusingly Mark’s website is at a URL with a cheap word twist, In France (where BTW according to Mark’s class, we have a natural sense of branding), we have a saying: “Shoemakers always wear the worst pair of shoes”. :)