In case you care about the French language, aujourd'hui c'est la 12ème Journée de la Francophonie (12th Day of the Franch Language). So you might want to check what's hapenning near you - maybe some wine and cheese tasting? ;)

I had planned to go to see a French movie to celebrate, taking advantage of the French Film Festival here is Sydney but unfortunately, Raquel wasn't feeling well...

Anyway, this is a nice opportunity to notice the growing number of French expats around the world.

French people settling in the UK is a recurrent BBC topic for instance (I was even part of one of their article). And here is the last article in the series.

The whole part about French writer Marc Levy sucks (IMHO) but there are some gems:

[Penny Zoldan] said her agency, Latitudes, sold about 500 properties a year and estimated that more than 500,000 Britons owned property in France - many more than French people own in Britain.

But there are certainly increasing numbers of French people coming to live in the UK - most of them young, the majority living and working in London. [...]

And it is an often overlooked fact that there are almost three times as many Germans than French who are resident in the UK.

Interesting to note also that the official number of "Frogs" in the UK is up 50% in 2 years - I remember an article saying the official consulate number was 200,000 in 2005 and it is now 300,000.

What is worrying is that most of the French living in London are dynamic, educated and young (like me? ;) and from what I gather not keen to go back to the motherland (which contradicts a part of the article). Meanwhile, her Majesty's subjects who decide to emigrate to France are older and, while bringing currencies, are not creating much value (apart from exporting the real estate bubble to rural places).

In that regards, this article didn't mention that the right candidate to the presidential election actually held an over-subscribed session in London a few months ago trying to lure some of the "elite" back if he wins, which I think shows how deep the problem is.

By the way, if you're interested in the French presidential elections, I suggest this "can't live without it" link to Le Monde which groups most polls. I still can't believe that if Francois Bayrou manages to make it to the second round, he would win against any other candidate... French people are up to a very interesting Spring... before we move to something serious - the Rugby world cup!