I was visiting Lovemarks,Saatchi & Saatchi's CEO pet project, sometime last week and noticed Blogger wasn't on there. Even though I sometimes write bad things about Google on this blog, I would find the Internet pretty much useless without Blogger and Gmail! So I nominated the big orange rounded-corner square with the odd 'B'...

... and my entry has even been picked up in the Lovemarks Top-5 and newsletter. So why the love? Well, let's see what I had to say.

Blogger I started my blog in 2003 and since then, I have not found a more convenient, yet good-looking, tool to post my stories. I'm a nomad and Blogger is always there when I need to share a "post" - on my laptop at home in Paris, London or Sydney as well as in the most remote web bar in Arizona, Mexico or Bangkok. So, it's a great link with my family and friends who can read what I'm up to. Besides, as a fanatic reader of blogs, I appreciate the whole user-generated content trend that Blogger contributed to start and is still fueling.

Pretty cheesy? Ok, but still true!

Other thought: if it wasn't for the top-5 page, I wonder whether the inclusion of my nomination in the newsletter could be a subtle marketing ploy... including anyone's recent review when sending the newsletter so that people feel like superstar, go back on the site and invite more friends... That'd be interesting. :)