"One year..." I have been telling me this a few times over the last couple of weeks.

One year since graduation.

One year since all the good stuff that happened around graduation (desorientation, capstone class, summer ball...)

And today it's been one year since I joined American Express.

I don't want to sound nostalgic but these 2 years at London Business School and UCLA were clearly good times. And even if I got lucky with a rotation program taking me around the world, working life just can't match student life. :/

I'll be back in London next week and I'm sure I'll find a few MBAs to reenact our student life highlights at a trendy bar or a local pub.

On that note, I think it'd be fair to add soon: One year since I stopped posting on this blog regularly. But I've been a bit more thorough with our blog in Oz and more recently with this very stupid experiment: blogging my Gmail/Skype/Facebook status.